Columns mismatch between Advance Query and Structure


I am using Advance Query for Export To Excel operation.

I am selecting 19 columns through Advance Query and I have created structure of 19 attributes which is being used in Advance Query.

I am getting warning as :

Here is a query I am using:

and here is a Output structure I am using

Please advice if I am doing anything wrong or is this a bug.

Note: This application was developed using version 8 and after migrating to version 9, first time we have opened to make additional changes i.e. no code change in this application from past 10 months.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

First, you don't need the alias names in the SELECT, they're not used by the Platform in matching the columns. Secondly, does the query run fine? Are all the attributes filled with the expected values? I have seen spurious warnings like this in the past, but mostly they came from CASE switches in the output, not seemingly straightforward stuff like this.
Hi Sir,

As happened previously, this application was developed by other developer and now it has come to me for applying patches. At the time of impementation, I found this misbehavior in the query. 

I will remove these alias names since these are not used. 

Yes query is running fine and all the attributes are being filled with the expected values.

I got to add one more filter in this query. After adding that filter still this is running fine. My concern is that why it's showing warning message.

Suraj Borade
I can imagine you may be worried, but I'd advise you to hide the error (right click it in the True Change window, click Hide), unless you really want to get to the bottom of this :).