OsISAPIConf.cache keeps changing from Verbose to Refresh


On our platform server logs folder, I have noticed that although I have changed file OsISAPIConf.cache value to "Verbose" it will change back to "Refresh" (its initial value) after some time.
I'm not sure if it happens on a server reset or not, for now I can just confirm it changes without anyone editing that file.

How can I get around this?


Hi Tiago,

The file is actually main purpose is to be used to trigger refreshs in the filter configuration, so it will change to Refresh every time some Module is published or SEO rules are changed.

That said the filter has memory, so it will remember that you changed it to verbose mode until you turn it off (or restart the IIS / Pool). It is not meant to be left in verbose mode permanently.


João Rosado

Hi João,

Thanks for the reply. Although the intention wasn't to keep it permanently as verbose, I still needed it and couldn't know why it was changing by itself to refresh. Now I know how to handle it.