I new to Outsystems and WS. Like to check i saw in one forum that Outsystems have problem consuming Webservice that uses WS-Security. (http://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1010/ws-security-for-web-services). Does Outsystems web services conform to the WS-Security and ws-i basic profile.


OutSystems has no out-of-the-box support for WS-Security, unfortunately. You'd need to write an extension to handle that.
Poor you Hui, Death Star is dreadful to work with. Can you get it to work in SOAPUI first before attempting to consume the service in any platform let alone Outsystems. I don't blame Outsystems for currently not supporting it out of the box.
I would use SOAPUI to learn everthing you can about the headers etc then try and use https://www.outsystems.com/help/ServiceStudio/9.0/APIs/EnhancedWebReferences_API.htm to reinact what you have learnt from SOAPUI, if you cant get it to work in SOAPUI you have no chance to get it to work in Outsystems with out native support for WS Security.

WireShark is also invaluable tool to see what you are actually sending and receiving.

I've used Enhance Web References to inject the needed headers, works fine.