Running my PTA with Windows Integrated Authentication


I have an application that is using WIA (Windows Integrated Authentication) configured in Users.

Is there any way that i can use my PTA with WIA?

What happens is when i change the URL to use my PTA is is automatically redirected to Users eSpace and it is not possible to run the application under my PTA.

PTA? What's your PTA?

Justin James wrote:
PTA? What's your PTA?

 Personal Area... When using F6 instead of F5 :)
Hmm, really don't know why WIA wouldn't work with that. :( If you have access to the IIS server, turning on tracing may help you get to the bottom of it.

You need to run the module that contains the authentication and Common web flows in the Personal Area first.

After you have authenticated on that module you can work with other modules in the Personal Area.

The modules in the Personal Area run as a seperate application and do not interact with the published application for sessions and authentication.

There are some limitations which you can see here:


I thinks there's a misunderstanding here.

I know how to work with my PTA, the problem here is that WIA runs under Users eSpace and Users is a System eSpace that cannot be openned and "published" under my PTA.. Therefore i cannot do the login.

The only workaround so far is making the desired screen as anonimous.

Did anyone got this to work? Pedro, how did you do it?



Well, we did it by creating a login page and logging in on that page. It worked.