Hi.  Is there any way thru the Service Studio tools (eg using the Excel to RecordList widget) to achieve the equivalent of T-SQL's Identity_Insert - ie insert specific values into the Identity field of a target table?

I have a task of migrating from an Outsystems Personal env into a business/production env, and there are a lot of reference table to migrate.  Of course the main data tables refer to specific Id values in the reference tables, and I can't lose those.

I guess the solution is to hook up MS SQL Server Management Console to the prod env and run the ETL T-SQL from there?
If you have the security access to do this in the production environment you should be able to use SQL widgets or Advanced Queries (depending on your Outsystems version) to do this.  You would code the SQL the same way you would in SQL Management Server.  Note that this can NOT be done in the personal environment because no one has the appropriate permissions in any personal environment.

Hope this helps,