Has anyone tried adding synonyms to your espace tables?  It would be great if this functionality was available through service studio to configure the synonyms.  I'm considering building a SQL job that automatically builds synonyms something like [espace].[table].

Thats a greate idea to do it from Service Studio may be while creating the Entity itself there should be a property to set synonyms for the entity , this helps you to use stored procedure and also running queries in sql client .I have an application with oracle  which is having more than 300 entities and because the application is integarted with some other application developed outside outsystem  it is difficult for them to use the actual physical name of the entity created by platform.

Also you can also make platform to create same entity name as you created in service studio fo r that you need to insert this name, value in ossys_parameter entity and after that whatever entities you will create will ahve the same name.

 insert into ossys_parameter (name,val) values ('Compiler.DefaultPhysicalTableName','ENTITYNAME');

Pramod why not submit your good suggestion in the ideas area of the community??
Hi Alberto,
What do  you think i should do it now in ideas area or let it be here only??

Post that in Ideas section by creating New Idea. It will get noticed early by OutSystems core team.

Suraj Borade
There is a setting you can use to accomplish this.  This link - http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/3444/configuring-the-physical-table-name-format-for-entities/ - points to a very old post that describes this.  I believe everything in the post is still valid for current versions of the platform.
Yes i did this for version 9 and is working.