My Question is, I have two entity Employee and Login. And I have Two Webscreen EmpReg Form and Login Form. In EmpRegForm New Employee need to fill the details including username and password. I need to match that Username and password from the EmpReg form to the one being entered in the Login Form and Identify that particular employee

I have also attached the OML File. Please guide me after seeing that file. If possible make some changes and send.


for me also same questions plz anyone say us the solutions..!
I was looking at the OMl but still didnt understand what exactly you want to achieve, can you please explain a bit more.
As per my understanding you want to comapre the username \password with the loggedin users credentials.
If this is the case you need to first encrypt the password entered in Empreg form using the same encryption function and than run a query to get the logged in users details by using userid in session and than compare with one you hav ein your registration form.\

You have to rewrite your use case as I'm sorry I can't understand it.
I also can't understand your use case. Somewhere on your application there is functionality where user fill user name and password (login), and open a new screen with editable Employee details?
I'm sorry for the confusing use case. But can anyone create a sample login page with user name and password which matches the username and password we get from the registration page. Thanks in advance.
Have you looked at the web screen Common/Login ?

Maybe have a look at