I'm trying to build a feature on my app to show me all the social media networks(facebook/instagram/linkedin/twitter, etc..) linked/bounded to an email, thing is, there is not info on this topic on outsystems. Does anyone know how to do it?

Best Regards, João Vilelas.
Hi Joao,

You should check per social network if they have a public API which you can use to check if an email address is registered with an account. 
 Create an eSpace where you consume all those API's and run over all these web reference action. 

That at should do the trick. 

Kind regards,

You might also take a look at this service: https://www.fullcontact.com/developer/

They have a pretty simple to use API that fetches information from multiple sources around a given email or company name.
The advantage of using an "aggregator" service like the one Gonçalo suggested is that it will save you from wasting time updating the integration each time the API of one of the services changes. :)
Yeah! It's a great idea. As social media is used for personal data sharing and marketing you can use it anyhow on email by just signing in to your account, to view useful content which helps to keep you updated.