OnTrack - How to I implement the Outsystems App Feedback

With OnTrack, how do I implement the Outsystems App Feedback directly on my application?
I can find no help with that.
Hi Macro,
From my understanding you are trying to integrate OutSystems App Feedback to automaticaly create items on ontrack when the users create items on their applications.
To do that you will need to log in on ontrack using admin privileges.
Then you need to access Setup menu and click on ECT's Configuration, as in the image bellow.
This screen has a list of all existent configurations.
In order to create a new one,(please note that you need to have some ECT's already submitted), you need to click on New Mapping button.
Then a list of all the eSpaces that have submitted feedback and are not configured yet will be listed.
What you need to do is select all the eSpaces that you want to map and click on Map Espaces.
Then a list of all the ontrack applications will be presented and what you need to do is select the correct one, check the Is Active option and click on Create Mapping.

When you perform this configuration the feedback will be syched each 15 minutes.
If you want to force the synchronization rigth after the configuration you can click on Synch Now link on ECT Mappings list.
Hope it was useful.
If you need any clarification please ask.
Thank you
It was useful. Thanks.

I thought my user had full rights to ECT, but it didn't. That caused the problem.