Incremental toggle on number field displays in Chrome but not in IE 11

In the OnTrack application in Forge, when placing an estimate there is a toggle in the hours field that displays a up/down toggle button when mousing over that field...however it doesn't display this when in IE 11.  Anyone know why and how to get it to be consistent across browsers?
Please see attached screenshots.
And the screen in IE 11
Hi Paul,

This is purely a browser thing, not a Platform one. IE just doesn't show spinners, regardless of input type.
Thanks Kilian.
Doesn't appear in mobile or tablet browsers either. 
Alternatives? It is a pretty cool feature.
I can imagine mobile doesn't have it, as they're not really suited for touch, being pretty small 'n all. As an alternative, you could create something yourself. If you google for "numeric input spinners IE polyfill" or the like you'll quickly run into solutions based on some js.