[Store Locator] Missing dependencies

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Published on 2015-01-30 by chandan prakash
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Published on 2015-01-30 by chandan prakash
1.)Upon downloading and installing the application, I get the message telling me about that I have 'Intranet Services' dependency missing whereas the detail tab of the application says it's dependent on 'Employee Services'. Could you tell me the difference between the two(if any)?
2.) Does the application use GoogleMaps API?
Hi Rupinder,

I've installed the Store Locator in my environment without one small problem.
I've preinstalled:
- Employee Services (which uses the Google Maps, Floor Plan & Location components)
- HTML5 Goodies (which uses the ardoJSON component)

The StoreLocator_Btstrap has one wrong reference to EmployeesSampleData > SampleData_Bootstrap.
This reference can be fixed easily by opening the references and reference EmployeesSampleData > Bootstrap > SampleData_Bootstrap, because this action was moved to the Bootstrap folder in the Actions section.

I don't know where the Intranet Services error comes from, because this is not an available Forge Component.

Kind regards,