AJAX Refresh took forever to return a response.
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I have a ajax refresh logic. What I want is when a user click to a certain menu the web block in the layout page will change depending on the menu the user selected. However, the ajax refresh took forever to load I verified this in XHR tab of firebug.

Hi Jovvy,

Is this issue reproducable?
I can think of two possible reasons:
1. The first time after a publication, the eSpace needs to be compiled and when the first action on the screen was to execute the Ajax Refresh, then this would take some time (Only once).
2. If there is a query or long running action executed during the Ajax Refresh, this will cause a delay in the Ajax Refresh (Every run).

In case of Nr 1, this is not a real issue and can be ignored. In case of Nr 2, try to debug the Ajax Refresh and see if you can identify which step is causing the detay of the Ajax Refresh.

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HI Remco,

Thank you for your reply. 

Here is the image.

This looks like something is wrong with your server / database. These actions are way to slow (at least for the API_GetActivityCount, the other one I don't know).

Can you do the following:
1. Check the error log and look for errors which result in a timeout
2. If the errors are in the queries, check the performance (disk, memory and processor) of your database server.
3. If the errors are in other actions, check the performance (disk, memory and processor) of your application server.

You can also try to restart both servers and see if that solves the problem.

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Hi Remco,

Thank you for your reply. I will try your suggestions tomorrow and I will let you know the results.

Jovvy wrote:
 I will try your suggestions tomorrow and I will let you know the results.
 May I ask what the results of your tests were? I am experiencing a similar issue, yet the element never refreshes, the browser locks up, and the process must be killed using TaskManager. Here is an excerpt from the screens log in Service Studio which shows the phenomenon:



I'm having the same problem as Grayson Udstrand. Can anyone help? Ajax Mode has a very long duration.

Grateful :)

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