Error message from node SERVER ( Deployment failed
Deployment failed. Could not invoke ping. Exception: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at #Q1e.#d2e.#n2e.#g2e(String espaceName, String ptaOrTenantName)
CompModule : Broadcast Message
Do you
- still have this error or was it temporary
- only for this espace or for all
Hi Kurt

I still have this error on this espace after publishing it again this morning.
To be clear: It's only for this espace? Then it doesn't look like a general issue.
If you were able to publish a version of this espace before, I'd propose to rollback to that version again. Perhaps something got messed up. I've seen it happen. Going back to a previous version might correct it.
If a previous version worked, then there are two options
- or you go immediately back to your current version to see if that now works
- or you take it version by version and check the differences. Maybe it's related to some specific piece of code you wrote.

Anyway, with such a general error messages, it's very difficult to really pinpoint where the actual issue is.
Yes it's only for this espace. I have rolled back and the same error message appears and this is on the assignment I am working on. I have even published the solution to the assignment and the error message appears.
Don't have any idea for now. I would suggest contacting OutSysems Support. They should be able to dig into the server logs and find more detailed info on the root cause.
okay Thanks Kurt will do so