Integrate external application in Outsystems

We are creating an application using (C#) and (Unity3D), will we be able to integrate this source code within our mobile application (built on OutSystems Platform) oris there another method that should be used.
Hi Saran,

It's hard to give you an answer with such a vague question. Can you give a bit more details on what is the application and what kind of integration you are interested in?

João Rosado
Hi Joao,
We need to integrate a 3d model of a city which we have developed using Unity 3D in a mobile application(created using OutSystems with Tokyo Theme from SilkUi) as a menu item.
Best Regards,
Saran Hari

Hi S,

Remove Outsystems from the equation first and tell us how you would normally implement Unity3D into a 3rd party application? what does Unity3D offer interms of integration options then people skilled in Outsystems can tell you what options that are provided by Unity3D are approiate 

cheers, George 

Hi Saran,

The short answer is no. OutSystems now is an application built in objective c that uses phonegap plugins to interact with the device features whereas unity3d produces standalone native applications built from your c# code.

Instead of integrating the unity code into OutSystems now what you can try is to have two separate applications and open the unity3d from inside the first.