outsystems analytics not showing expected data

We are trying to use Outsystems analytics to understand and monitor perormance of our application
We noticed that the data that is rendered on the Analytics applications is not as we were expecting to be.
We’ve been running some performance scripts and for instance, the hits per page values should be rather grater than they are.

As far as we know, the Lifetime Analytics uses the Performance API to retrieve data from the environment and after some “treatment” renders it on the dashboards. We used the same api to fetch data and tried to understand where the problem is coming from.
Investigating the extracted data with Performance API shows that the columns related to the response time are empty.

We are wondering if someone else already has faced this issue with Outsystems anslytics /Performace API and how we can fix this issue?

Thansk in advance


Hello Rachid!

Not that I ever encountered that particular problem, but that sounds like a bug. Can you please report it back to our support?