Outsystems SEO Page Rule - remove aspx extension

What configurations do you enter to remove aspx extension for all webscreens using SEO Friendly Urls?

https://www.domain/eSpace/Webscreen.aspx will be display as
(not just for this particular webscreen but for all applications webscreens )

Hi Robert,

This is currently not possible with Outsystems.
You need to create a rule for every page and the page can only be loaded with the forward slash in the end: https://www.domain/eSpace/Webscreen/

You could request this in the Ideas section.

kind regards,


The SEO is meant to be used for "Search Engine Optimization", not "Lets make my url pretty for the user".
As such there is nothing that would improve a search engine just by removing the aspx ending.

If you want to do stuff like that you should use Url Rewrite modules (either at a load balancer or IIS level) and not try to take advantage of the SEO filter for things it is not supposed to do.

João Rosado
URL Rewrite is definitely the better approach for something like this.