How to debug Java Code in IDE when we run the Public action in Service Studio

How to debug Java Code in IDE when we run the Public action in Service Studio
Hi Leo,

You can't (and shouldn't want to) easily debug the Java (or .NET) code the platform produces under the hood. What is your usecase for wanting this?
I need a client side code that sends request to a different appserver and want to debug this in detail.

Actual case is to call application hosted in Websphere application server from outsystems application with out user authentication challenge prompt using SSO (SPNEGO)
But why would you want to debug the Java code, instead of using the OutSystems debugger?
Let me explain the nature of the implementation.

A client side java code that should get the kerberos TGT and send it to the
Websphere application server to get the information from KDC and then the authentication process follows as configured in websphere.

my method is created as java extention in outsystems and I can add enough audits but however I modify the code will have to compile each time and update the dependency. Instead if I can track the process that is running on outsystems I should be able to debug it better with the detailed information.

I am not sure if the outsystems debugger provides as much details when it goes through a java method as it does for other objects/components used in the platform. If there are that is what I am looking for!
See this thread:


I didn't realize it was an extension you wanted to debug. You can check JJa's link, but afaik that describes .NET only. I do think it's a good idea to read through it (especially this post), perhaps something similar can be set up for Java.
Killian -

That thread discusses Java as well. Describes how to use logging to debug Java extensions (which is how you need to do it in Java it seems).

Ok, thanks, I must've skipped too quick through it.