Version 10 is ready to test?

I was in CCB in Revoltut10n and i understand that the new version was ready at 18th of May.

But i can´t see it in download area. Can you give me any information about that?
Hi José,

It's available only in an Early Access Program, for which you have to apply. The registration form is here. I'm not sure whether it's open for everyone - nowhere on the OutSystems site can I find anything related to the EAP.
Thanks Kilian. I registered in the form but i don't have any acess to make "quelque chose".
I'm not sure what you mean. You might reach out to OutSystems directly in case something goes wrong with the form.
I will try to know if i've acess to the version 10 to OutSystems directly but i think the form don't been well fill.
Hi José as far as I know the EAP program are closed to new members since it is end of some stages. I beliave that new version should come out only in August.
Thanks Alexandre. I think that could be a lot of people that fill the form and the OutSystems team have to select the members of this first aprouch.
It seems fair.