Year and Month Drop Down Menu


What is the better way to make a Years menu and Months menu? 

I would like to have two drop down menus. One for Years and the other for Months.
I've managed to create a drop down for months by having an entity that lists all the months. But the Years menu is proving more difficult; as it has to be dynamic.
Year(CurrDate()), Year(AddYears(CurrDate(),-1)), Year(AddYears(CurrDate(),-2)), etc

Is not the best solution, because

A: I cannot find a menu widget that I can put this into. They all seem to require an entity or list or record and the above are expressions. 

I'm trying making a list from a Years entity. I'm trying to populates the Years entity with a ForEach in the preparation screen action.  But I'm not having much luck. And to tell the truth in seems unneccesarily complicated for Outsystems.

Hi Mark,

What type of drop down Menus you are talking about

This one 

this one 


We have discussed about drop down boxes on this link

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
is that the link I posted Suraj?
George Jeffcock wrote:
is that the link I posted Suraj?
Hello Suraj,

This kind:

George Jeffcock wrote:
by complete luck look at this the test.oap
 Thank you for the follow up.

I found the test.oap file. Sweet ^.^ 

It works nicely.  But it looks like it has to be at most Service Studio Version 9.1.301.0.

The application I'm building is 9.1.4, so the bug reported in the post you linked to still has not been fixed.

For anyone else who has this problem, I've attached the file as year_combobox.oap - Good luck.