Inserting space ' ' for null values

Inserting space ' ' for null values


I have around 83 columns in my Oracle table. I have created extension to connect to Oracle.

I am importing XML contents into Oracle table. 

I am importing around 28 fields from XML into my Oracle table. 28 fields are getting updated properly but for other fields it's inserting space. It should be null. 

Please advice why this is happening.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Surely this is a question for Oracle forum..

Have you checked the columns are set to "Not NULL"

You are supplying way to little details for anyone to advise you.
1) How are you handling the XML? Does the XML plays a part at all in the behaviour? If so, have you checked the XML? Is an empty tag used, or no tag at all, for the "NULL" values?
2) How are you "importing" the "fields"? What "fields" are you talking about? Are these Attributes?
3) What is "updated properly"? What value do you want to store, and what behaviour do you see? Why do you think this is faulty behaviour?