What is Impact Analysis?

What is Impact Analysis?


Today I noticed one thing in Service Center "Impact Analysis".

This application uses so many dependencies. So I want to know how Impact Analysis works. 

Also why it is not showing for last published version?

Please advice.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Impact Analysis has to do with BPT. It'll show what impact publishing that version has. It is not showing on the last published version, because Impact Analysis compares the eSpace with the current version. There's no impact on publishing an already published version.

Thanks a lot sir.

Actually I never got a chance to work on BPT and have less knowledge about it but I will learn it in coming days.


Suraj Borade

Er... just completing the answer for someone else who comes across this.

The concept of Impact Analysis extends beyond BPT, and includes the validation of dependencies when publishing applications is factory that includes shared modules: