I hav a simple question, but can not find the solution to this:
How do I install a widget downloaded from forge site?
Hi Edwin,

If its .oml file then simply open the file in your environment, if its extension then open the service center and 
go to the Factory and select Extension and you will find the option to upload it.
Thank you. I noticed in 9.1 when I try to open a file it automatically shows me files with certain extensions only. One of them is oap. The widget I downloaded however is osp. It did not install properly as the installer told me there were some discrepancies. The forge lists support for OS 9.0 for this widget. Have the extensions changed from osp to oap for 9.1 ?

Also, I noticed simply opening the osp file gives me the Outsystems uploader and installer automatically. Cool!!!

I understand you can install the .oap via service studio, but is it possible to install forge applications with the extension [ .oap ] straight into service center ?
In Service Center i can only install modules with the following extension [ .osp, .xif, and .oml ].

Is there a work around ?

Just found out that OS 9.1 You have the possibilities to upload [ .oap ]  

Ok, I have finally spoken to one of the Outsystems engineers, and apparently there was a bug on this particular OS version i was running. After installing the latest patch (Version i was able to upload and install forge apps via service center.