Double page reload/redraw


Lately (started a bit after the new forum design), I'm getting like a full page reload or redraw almost at the end of every navigation.

it's becoming really annoying.
Anyone else having the same problem?

Page is already rendered, I'm already scrolling/reading and then it turns blank and fully reload.

João Rosado
It's more like a flicker that seems to happen as soon as the page is rendered. I also see it, in Firefox 47.0.
And btw, it's very anoying on the pc ....on the phone its totally disruptive.

Just for reference, tested on:
Chrome 51
Firefox (Nightly) 50
Firefox Mobile 48

All have exactly the same behavior.
I'm experiencing it as well on Chrome Canary (53).

I can no longer see this issue on my side. The navigation is perfectly fluid now. Marco and João, do you confirm this?

While I can say that it is a lot better I can still easily replicate it in mobile.

Now the page no longer turns totatlly blank, so its hard to notice, but scrolling goes back to the top of the page in the middle of the rendering.

Its also possible to see he images of our avatars blinking once after the first render.

Also on a side note (probably not related to this) but the loading bar on the browser stops at 80% for about 10seconds after everything is already rendered. Maybe some resouce timing out or some third party tracking url that is being slow. While tgis does not directly affect usage it makes the page appear slower than it actuallly is (because it looks like its till loading for 10 extra seconds, while its probably all ready).

João Rosado

Update: can also replicate it on my desktop browser but only when using http. None of the problems I mentioned above appear to be happening in https.

Hi João,

can you test it now please?


Hi Ana,

Think it's good enough now.

I can still see the images being redrawn (only when in http), but the page no longer blinks or scrolls up.

Don't think I would notice the redrawn now if I wasn't explicitly looking for it, so think its ok like this.


João Rosado


I am still getting this problem. Can someone please explain me how to get rid of this?


Ana Santos