date/time entry on chrome intermittently not working

I have an entry field with richwidgets\input_calendar tied to it.  I just had a case where I was viewing the page in chrome and when I clicked on the input field the calendar came up and the date text in the field went from black to gray.  I selected a new date/time and then the field updated to the new date/time I had selected on the calendar but stayed the gray text.  I ran my report and the report ran with the date/time default, not the one I had selected.  I closed chrome and reopened, navigated back to the page and it worked fine.  Anyone run into this before?
Did the page load ok? Did you check js console for errors?

From your description looks like a one time event... unless you can replicate it again.
Hi Jason,

What platform version are you using, and what browser? I recall having these problems with IE9 on platform 8, but not recently anymore.