Can we add new list record widget dynamically according requirements.


As requirements i want to add new list record widget and bind record list to fill up the data
when needed and display on screen.

Is it possible?

Also to show feedback massage i saw loader appear again for this, how can i remove this ajax loader for feedback massage event.
Hi Amit ,

To remove loader from your screen ..check your layout webblock and remove it from there..

Hi Amit,

You now see the danger of asking two questions at once - you'll only get a single one answered :).

First, all widgets are added design time. You can hide and then show a widget, but you can't dynamically add widgets - with one exception: put a widget in a web block, and put the web block in a Table Records. If you add a row to the Table Records (by adding a record to its List and Ajax refreshing it), you'll have a new row, with a new web block, that you can populate.

Secondly, I've never seen an Ajax wait on a feedback message. Does this also happen when you design a minimal eSpace that contains the code that triggers this behaviour?