Different versions System Components on the platform

When looking at the list of eSpaces in Service Center we noticed that the description of some System Components are not in line with the version of the platform. Screenshot_linux will show you our view of the Linux development environment and a .NET/IIS test server. The version of both platform servers are 9.1.401.0 but the linux server has System Components with version like Charts.

We experience stability problems on Linux for a long time and if this is one of the problems it could explain some difficulties in the system.

Attached is a Zip with the two pictures in it (because i can only upload one picture at the time).

Does anyone has the same problem? Otherwise I will create a support call.

We already tried to install the SystemComponents again using the upload solution etc like descriped during the install notes...

Hi Peter,

All the system components versions should indeed match the platform version.

From the last publish date I can see that it matches the time the ChartingServiceCore ..so its strange?

That that time when you tried to republish the System Components solution the last time (06-06-1016)? 

João Rosado