EditableTable save record onblur

We're trying to save a record in an editabletable whenever the user leaves the row (even without clicking on the checkmark). We've tried using the onblur event (in the table) to no avail.

The main problem is that the editabletable is in a webblock, but the user submits the whole form from outside this webblock, and the information from the editabletable is not being saved.

Do you have any suggestions?
Hi Homero,

Instead of editabletable, you can use normal tablerecord and use textbox for editable fields and on onchange event you can call the desired action.

Hi Homero,

You really should bug your collegues to fix all these annoying Editable Table bugs :). That said, this doesn't seem like a bug. You are trying to save on an onblur, because you put the data in a web block, and don't have the Save button in the web block. That seems to me a design failure :).

Did you check out the Event System Forge component? You may be able to send an event from the Save button's handler to the web block, so you can save in there.
Hi, thanks for your comments, we are actually going with a solution similar to MJ's, but instead of having a normal table record, we will catch the onchange event on the text inputs inside the editabletable.

Also thanks Kilian for the headsup on the Event System, we might consider it in future develoments.

My question is why Outsystems platform is allowing a value to be saved to an editable table without running the OnSaveRow event handler?

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