[searching,adding,Editing,uploading,downloading] What is the general idea of this component?

Forge Component
Published on 2016-06-13 by Tarun Kumar
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Published on 2016-06-13 by Tarun Kumar

I'm just looking what kind of application this is or what is supposed to do.

For what I see now it's a kind of training how you can implement a download or upload and filtering, is this correct? (if so I would suggegt to edit the name/description to make this more clear).

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this project gives you general idea how to use searching using dropdown and how to use  indexes to avoid duplicate entries 
and validation of all types .and uploading and downloading of  excel files .no duplicate data from excel can be entered again 

It was Created For those  Who are getting a problem in searching using dropdown 

You may download this and understand the basic functionality what it does 

Hello Tarun,

My suggestion was to change the forge component text so it becomes more clear for user what this component does. it's not a widget or something like that is just for training or explaining how to do something.

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You suggest the name