How to create new users app?

How to create new users app?

My requerment is, I need to keep two types of users for my two separate applications hosted on same outsystems environment. 
1. For application A - internal users
2. For application B - AD users

Please assist. 
Hi Brajesh,

I would solve this using appropriate Roles. I.e. one app allows access only with Role A, the other with Role B.
But, my requirement is I dont need assign group to indivisual user. All my AD users should automatically able to access the application. 

If you don't want to configure which user is allowed to access which application, then how are you ever able to make a distinction between the two groups of users?
I wanted to have separate users app for my other application. 
You don't need to have that. You can specify, per eSpace, which eSpace is the user provider. If you specify "(Current eSpace)", and handle all the necessary log-in stuff, you're set to go.
Thank you for your reply. 

But can you please let us know the step by step solutions for this? 

we are pretty much stuck in here. and this very important feature for us. 
Hi Brajesh,

In the eSpace, you have two properties that can help you:
  • Is User Provider: Indicates whether the eSpace can share its end-users with other User Subscriber eSpaces, enabling the end-user to authenticate once, in one eSpace, and gain access to the any unified eSpace;
  • User Provider eSpace: Indicates the eSpace that provides end-users to this eSpace, enabling the end-user to authenticate once, in one eSpace, and gain access to the any unified eSpace. Select end-user provider from the eSpaces in the list; by default its the eSpace itself.
You have two different applications, possibly with many eSpaces. You need to select the main eSpace in each other and make it an user provider:


Then you go to the other eSpaces and put the User Provider eSpace equal to the main eSpace that you have choosen:

You just need to do this for the two applications and they will have diferent users. There will not be any roles and they just need to register to enter in any eSpace.

Hope it helped, best regards!
Thank you very much.. will try it and let you know if still find any issue. 
Thanks Jose, I am facing this same issue, will try your steps and let you know in case of issues.