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I'm looking for a way to display a popup screen while an action is in progress.

Currently I'm having a user upload a file to be sent of as a Rest POST. it takes 4-5 seconds for the whole process to run and retun information. During this i'd like a popup screen to show informing the user that its progressing. 

I've got the popup screen ready but it seems anything i connect to the action only displays after the action is completed. any popup messages or screen only show after the 4-5 seconds of processing. Is there any way to have a popup show once the action starts and close once its done?
Hi Lewis,

You can use Widget Click action in order to show the Pop-Up and even for closing it you can use the same.
I hope this will work.

Manish Jawla
Hello Manish,

I tried this option however as i send the user to a new page once the processing is done the popup is never shown. Looking into this it seems to only show the popup on the loading page if their is an error in the action and the action stops.

My other problem when testing possible solutions was when using the Feedback_Message Widget. At the start of my action thanking them for the upload, the program seems to run the full process then display the message onces its done. so the user still sees nothing happen for 4-5 seconds then when it shows the results they see the message for "please wait while weprocess your data"

Lastly as i'm not using Ajax for anything i cant rely on its loading message to inform the client either.

Kind Regards,

Is it possible for your use case to initiate the REST call from the preperation of the pop-up (e.g. by storing the uploaded file in a temporary table, pass the Id to the pop-up)?

I can, but it dosent seem to change the outcome. the program still runs everything before showing any messages. When showing the results on the loading page and adding the widget click to a popup for a thank you message it still only shows any popup/feedback after the processing is complete.

The same problem if i send the binary file to the prep action of the display page, as Outsystems takes it all as one long process it wont show anything until its complete.
You are right, my bad, of course the Preparation is performed first, then the screen (pop-up) is shown. Mmm, tricky one then. I don't think there's any way to remove a pop-up once you've created it, so that's out as well... Sorry, can't help you there :(
Hi Lewis,

You can also use the below component and display the custom message untill progress is going on:


Manish Jawla