File List

Hi everyone!!
I need to create a list of files that belong to one record of another table..
It's like this TABLE_1 -< TABLE_1_FILES (table 1 has many table 1 files, a one-to-many relationship)
The TABLE_1_FILES has one attribute that is a Binary Data Type. I need to save images and even other type of files like pdf, .docx and excels.

I'm trying to add a list form the files in the DetailScreen of the TABLE_1 entity, what I need is to list all the files that belongs to each record of the TABLE_1 entity.
Add the list is easy, I just drag the TABLE_1_FILES entity to the DetailScreen, the problem is that I need to link one record of the files entity and go to a popup or another screen to see a preview of the binary file.

Anybody that try something like this?.

Hi Ruben,

I think by using Silk UI, you can do that, in Silk UI there is a option of iframe in which you can display the preview of your binary document.

Manish Jawla
Hi Manish!!

First of all, excuse me for the late repply and thanks for yours.

The iframe has a URL madatory field, I've followed the Web Previewr App in the forge as an example for the thing I'm trying to do.

And what I do, it's generate the URL of the pdf file to the document; this is the generated URL

Other thing that I try its using the expression widget and set the "Escape Content" to "No" and generate and expression like this 

Just Like the Web Previewer App.. and it doesn't work neither.
The "Location" var in the expression above its the generated URL 

These are the results I get.
1. Doing by the expression widget with the "Escape Content" set to "No"

2. Generating the URL and passing it to the iframe

Sorry for the long text.

And thanks in advance