passing records, list, data into multiple levels with loops at each level

passing records, list, data into multiple levels with loops at each level

Hi All,

I have a logic/action works as per the below way: the similar set of data is passed into multiple levels and at each level, there are loops, for level 2, it will loop around 50 time, at level 3, it will loop around 5-10 times.

i would like to know whether this type of design will cause any potential issues, like performance, memory?

Reason why data is passed and not the transaction Id is that the data is not saved in the DB.

what do you except?

any recursion will cost memory/performance.
afaik, lists *will* be passed by reference so that will be somewhat ok.

dunno about loop 1 , but you mention loop 2 50 times, loop 3 5-10 times, so say, 8 times.
this means you have a recursion of X*50*8 = 400X, so this is already pretty much.

simply, if you have to loop loop1 100 times, you already have a 40.000 times that action31 will be hit.
depends what ya doing in the actions you could have some time spent in those loops..

let's say, action31 will last 0.1ms. you have already spent 4seconds...

Time the actions and determine if you need to worry or not.

thanks Mr J. I know what to do for performance in terms of respond time.
Is there any way to understand the memory impact?
After the action is finished, will the memory get cleared?
so memory consideration is based on the concurrent request to the action, how to check the memory for each request?

I don't know exactly what those lops are doing but that data will become bigger and in the future that will possibly result in a stack overflow.

To check the perfomance, you can use: I don't know if you need to have a specific license to access that but try.

Best regards.