We are currently modifiying our app to work in offline mode but encounter some strange behaviour when displaying data in OfflineListRecords - it repaces first 0 (zero) with   with current line ids from related structure.

For examle this expresion "time test 12:00 2016 - test " + GetMyFlights.List.Current.REST_FlightDetails.Flight.REST_FlightFT.DDate + " "  +

renders as this:
time test 12:13756 2016 - test 11 : 20 13 : 30

All values in JSON variable is correct and as in this example even hardcoded 0 are replaced.

Is this a bug and it has workaround (except rendering first 0 in hidden div) or it's our structure related issue (please see attached screenshot)?

Thank you.

Hi Mykola,

Are you referring to P10 offline mode? If so please post it in the P10 forum, thanks.
Hi Killian,
No it's not 10 it's 9.
Ok, in that case I said nothing. But I'd advise you to wait for P10 :).
The problem appeared to be in Entities Id's type - we used default long integer, but it shuld be integer otherwise no error is returned but ids on json are different and then you can encounter above mentioned rendering problem.

The gazillionst long integer bug :(. Thanks for giving the solution.