Disable EPA Taskbox completely


Is it enough just to take the EAP_Taskbox application offline?
I really don't want it anywhere...

I have some issues with IE11 en developer tools en reloading a page.
then suddenly it shouts error on EPA..

Hi J.

Best option is to disable it in all eSpaces via: http://<server>/epa_taskbox/ and then you don't see it in any application.

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Is it different from taking offline? Regard -PJ-
That is a question only Outsystems can answer. It's an internal eSpace with as far as I can see, no consumers, but it can be consumed by all apps.  So there is a connection between the EPA_taskbox and all other apps, but I can only guess what that it. 

You can of course test it, by taking the taskbox eSpace offline and see if it works or that you get some kind of errors related to missing references, webservices, entities or other errors. 

I'd like to hear if taking offline works as goof as the backoffice configuration. 

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I saw its refrence in Ritchwidgets and i think this is where the indirect refrence is coming to our applications. Regards -PJ-