http error 400. the size of the request headers is too long

Hi All, I am using active directory authentication and for one of the user i am getting "http error 400 the size of the request headers is too long" error while login.For other users it is working fine. I read some artical and seems like it is a issue with the token size if a user belongs to multiple security group in AD and Increasing the size of maxrequestlength and maxrequestcontentlength will solve the problem. I need to do these changes in my customers enviorment and thus checking in community if someone has already faced this problem and resolved it byvthe same wsy i mentioned or there is any other way also. Regards -PJ-

Hi Pramod,

The settings that you had to change feel a bit weird, since they are not the same as the ones mentioned in the Microsoft KB article about that  issue.

Edit: Also both those settings (maxrequestlength and maxrequestcontentlength) have already higher values than the defaults when the platform is installed and are mentioned in the installation checklist for extra tuning. So I don't think increasing those 2 will help at all, and would recommend reading the Microsoft articles.

João Rosado

Thanks joao, Will read the artical and try to solve the problem. Regards -PJ-