IsUsingOutsystemsNow(), TakePicture not working in Personal Environment

I'm trying my hand on the TakePicture Lab : While establishing the references and dependencies for  TakePicture and IsUsingOutSystemsNowApp, I notice that there's no Base64ToBinary action for any BinaryData extension (see attached). I have installed the latest OutsystemNow module.

I enclosed the four widgets (Photo, PhotoInput,TakeAPic and the webblock TakePicture) in the TRUE path of an IF, with the condition IsUsingOutSystemsNowApp(); while trapping the FALSE with text "NOT UsingOutsystemNow".

I receive "NOT UsingOutsystemNow" from both desktop (Windows) and Mobile(Android), an indication that the OutsystemsNow feature is not working.



Please help!


Hi Jubilee,

The BinaryData extension has that action of a long time so it must be there. Can you post a screenshot of it?
Here is a screenshot from my environment:

Regarding your second problem, are you using in your android the OutsystemsNow app or just a mobile browser?

Because that is only supposed to return true when inside the OutsystemsNow App.

João Rosado


Thank you very much... working fine, except I like to know how to now display the Binary data  when I list the records in a table, or when displayed in a form.  Binary data doesn't display automatically as other attributes, I notice.


The best for that is using the image widget with the Type set to Database.

João Rosado