Outsystems Work Opportunities?
Hello Community,

I have loved learning and getting the Outsystems Associate Developer Cert and more importantly I believe wholeheartedly with the low code paradigm. I am battling hard on IBM forums trying to convince people low code is the way forward.
I have struggled alone with the idea of creating an outsystems presence in Sweden but passion alone is not working. Bought www.lowcoders.com amongs other to start evangelising but bills need to be paid after 6 months retraining in MuleSoft, Java, Outsystems.
I dearly want to work using Outsystems but have no idea how to do this from Helsingborg, Sweden. Does anyone have any suggestions/contacts/help ?
P.S. I have moved from UK to Bermuda to UK to Stockholm to Helsingborg and sacrificed a lot to follow my previous RAD tool CA Plex but unable to move again due to family commitments.
P.S.S. probably the wrong forum but selfishly wanted to get the most exposure. 

Have you checked the Job Board? (https://www.outsystems.com/community/Jobs.aspx)

There may be something there that suits your skill level and location.

Also, I've found that looking at the list of OutSystems partners and case studies is a good resource to learn who is using OutSystems, then make targeted approaches to those companies.


Thanks Justin,

In a bind as have checked the job boards frequently but nothing Nordic except Finland which wants local developer.

Contacted McKinsey after their great danish presentation at the world conference but no reply.

I have even investigating being the first person or partner in Sweden but how realistic is it.

Love your optimism about choice at skill level as in my expereince with these admittedly niche products you have to take what you get. You do it for the love of them. Could be the business analyst heap for me if I am lucky and can manage to learn Swedish...

Well thanks for replying.

HI, Any Luck about Outsystems opportunity in sweden ?


We are currently hiring developers in Europe.


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