Address Search - Google Maps Search Box

Hi Communty,

How have people implemented the following use case.

User allowed to enter address details as search criteria
List appropriate locations
Select a location 
Display selected location on map
Saved to database as Geo.

Basically to house the Google Maps Search Box and Map in an Outsystems webscreen?

Thank you in advance.

I have read

Hi George,

Have you checked this component to use Google Maps.

It as a demo.


Take a look at the Google Places component.

It uses the Google autocomplete text box which provides a list of results and returns a JSON string when a result is selected.

The JSON can then be flipped into an OutSystems record structure using an action that is in the component.

You can then add a marker to the Google map widget from Google Maps, allow the marker to be dragged and then update the longitude and latitude.

Thank you Ouen,

I am having great fun with 
Google Places component. 

I like your approach of lessening the use of pure javascript and trying to replicate the autocomplete only and using the Outsystems Google Map widget.

Trying to outsystemsify while Carlos example here  works great.


Hi Ouen, just found  (I totally missed it in your earlier post!)

You had a hand in creating this so thank you very much.

As you might of guessed I have spent some hours trying to reinvent the wheel but learnt a lot.

Thanks again