Suggestions on Improving My First application

Hi guys,
            I have created My First Application on Outsystems. Its an Inventory Management Application.
If you don't mind, I just want you guys to have a look at it and let me know that I can add some logics to it or improve the already implemented logic. All Suggestions are Welcome. Thanks in Advance.

Direction to use:
1. Sign up an Account with Administrator Role.
2. My Profile tab to see your personal details you entered on sign up page.
2. Add a new Purchase from Quick link or Purchase tab.
3. After creating the purchase go to products/stocks tab and click add product details then select the product from the drop down and fill only the Quantity per unit.
Unit Selling price and stock will be updated shortly after u sell the product.
4. Now go to sale tab and create a new sale. Select the product and give some unit selling price and enter the payment amount which can be either Full amount or partial amount.
5. Like wise u can add 2-3 products of different categories.
6.In Profit and Loss Page , select create new profit and loss and select the product rest of the data will get populated automatically.
7. Reports page, You can select the particular time period and get the reports of purchase and sales.
8.Payment and Outstandings page, You can manage the payments for purchase and sales here.(Eg. If you only paid the partial amount when purchasing the product, you can pay the rest of the amount by PayNow link.
Additionally there are so many artical and documents available for using platform best practice from both application and database side.