[Offline Apps] CKFinder not working with https but is fine with http

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Published on 2015-11-19 by Labs
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Published on 2015-11-19 by Labs
Hello There,
I am using Integrated Weblogic server with JSP. I have integrated CKEditor(v4.5.9) and CKFinder(v2.6.2) and both are working fine with http.
Problem arises when i try to make it work with https. The images which are in the folder 'userfiles' can be uploaded properly while for those which are browsed and uploaded can not .
Please Help!
Thanks in Advance.
Hello ved,

I had a similar bug recently, i do not know if it's the same issue for you, but atleast you could try or check it out.

There is a bug in CKEditor for https usages. (maybe the same bug for the other one)

This is how i solved it :
Open the CKEditor eSpace, go to logic actions and you will see an action called 'getserverURL'.

Change the assign to this:

The problem is when uploading an image, he generates a wrong url where the image will be uploaded.
Check the url being generated and change the assign accordingly. (the +8 number at the end)

Hope this solves your issue!