How to get PushWoosh device token and assign it to proper user without native login?

How to get PushWoosh device token and assign it to proper user without native login?

We are set it up pushwoosh component and it is working properly on iOS and Android. But now we need to develop a backoffice to send notifications to users by userid and we encountered a problem that on Device entity the userid is always 0. It might be related to that we are not using "native login" of OSNow application (set up to skip native login) and just having 1 app that is loaded by default on OSNow.
If we find out correctly hardwareId and pushToken are generated in native app and send to outsystemsnowservice app as input parameters to API screens. 
So the question is how to assign proper userid to pushtoken? Is there a way to access device pushtoken from the OS app? via cookie or local storage? Or there are changes that we need to do on native app itself ?

Thank you.

PS: this discussion might related to our issue
Hello Mykola,

The User Identifier of the Device entity is being settled during the login preparation on the OutsystemsNowService (module OutsystemsNowService>REST>login> preparation>set user device details) using the Users module as the User Provider.

If you look to the logic of the preparation of the login page you can find an approach to associate the device (Hardware Identifier) to a user and on the preparation of the page registertoken an example of how you can associate the device token.

Based on that and on the native outsystems now you can customize or native and outsystems application to create that relation.
Hi Nuno,
Thanks for your reply.
We've looked into logic and we can't find a way to match logged in user in our application with harware id that is stored on OSNowService application in user session ( for userId = 0). Are we missing something?
Modifiyng the native app to store hardwareid on local storage or file we can access it from our app, right? 

Thank you