Issue with the button in IE 11. works fine in chrome

Issue with the button in IE 11. works fine in chrome

The onclick button is working in chrome perfectly and works only for the first time in IE. When we change the filters and click on it again it does not work.

The properties of the same is as below:
style : Button
visible : True
Enabled: True
Method: Ajax submit
Destination: Search  ---- This is the method that gets called 
Reset Filters: False

There are no validations added.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I am all new to this outsystems and looking forword for some support.

what is not working?

does developer tools of IE11 give errors?

when you are debugging, the action is not called?

The button does not call the specified function. 
When i am debugging the onclick function does not gets called. 
This gets called when i load the page for the first time and click on the button. But the same button when clicked second time does not gets called

what version of the platform are you running?

are you sure you are using IE11-rendermode?

(and not a compability mode IE7 or so? )

and if you can provide a simple oml with a reproducable issue that would be even more great.