Button click not working in IE 11 and working in chrome and moziila

Here is the javascript error i get when i click on button.

TypeError: Unable to get property 'classList' of undefined or null reference
   at outsystems.internal.RichWidgets_Tabs_ClientSide_HighCharts_Resize (https://server240/H_Flow/Blocks/Charts/ChartLibrariesJS/OSHighCharts.js?7254:120:9)
   at outsystems.internal.Tab_Show_Callback_Execute (https://server240/H_Flow/Blocks/RichWidgets/RichWidgets/Tabs_ClientSide.en.js?7256:291:29)
   at RichWidgets_Tabs_ClientSide_show (https://server240/H_Flow/Blocks/RichWidgets/RichWidgets/Tabs_ClientSide.en.js?7256:243:25)
   at RichWidgets_Tabs_ClientSide_activate (https://server240/H_Flow/Blocks/RichWidgets/RichWidgets/Tabs_ClientSide.en.js?7256:207:5)
   at RichWidgets_Tabs_ClientSide_init (https://server240/H_Flow/Blocks/RichWidgets/RichWidgets/Tabs_ClientSide.en.js?7256:172:5)
   at Function code (Function code:1:1)
   at l (https://server240/H_Flow/_osjs.js?8_0_1_8:18:16830)
   at m.add (https://server240/H_Flow/_osjs.js?8_0_1_8:18:17147)
   at $.prototype.ready (https://server240/CP_Flow/_os

It does ajax refersh and gets the required list of records. But there is javascript error that comes along 
and further Actions on the page does not work.
This works well in chrome and firefox. facing this issue only in IE

Any response is greatly appreciated
Can you share your code?

What are you refreshing, before getting the list of records? Do you only refresh the record list or also the rich widgets u are using?

I had a similar problem couple of days ago using the calendar rich widget, and this is how i solved it:

This was my case:
I picked a start date and in the next combo box i chosed a subscription plan. (6 months for example)
I refreshed the text field of the 'end date' with the new value. (start date + 6 months)
After i did that refresh i got the same error, where all the actions or richwidgets (calendars) weren't working anymore.

This is how i solved it:
Instead of refreshing the text box, i refreshed the richwidget aswel. And it worked. I found out when refreshing a textbox (or any other element) , that element is getting an other runtime id. And since the richwidget has not been refreshed he is looking for the 'old' runtime id. Since it doesn't exists anymore, javascript is throwing the error he can't find the class id. (translated runtime id in outsystems).

This made it work:

-Container (refresh this! Not the textbox)
----Richwidget (refering to textbox runtime id)

Hope it helps.