Error on copying elements between eSpaces if they have webblocks

When I try to copy elements between espaces, webblocks or containers to another espace, I receive errors on Studio v9.0.1.60.

I've noticed that the error occurs if the container I wanna copy has some other webblock inside it, and this webblock is already used on the target espace but is inside an WebFLow with a different name. ;)

why not upgrade to latest service studio?

and besides that, what kind of errors?

It's not that easy to upgrade client's servers right now and I want to keep the same versions on both sides. 

I think OS should fix this bug on 9.0 too.


That was not what I meant :)

there is a service studio, which you can use without having to upgrade the platform.

most copy/paste bugs are in service studio itself, so perhaps they are fixed in there...

that said, is service studio crashing, or do you get a red cross?

SS is crashing.

And there is a known issue with comboboxes on SS

bugger :(

well, report it and hope they will fix it soon.

(and perhaps you need to go back to even an older version :/ )