Aggregates Strange behaviour


I am referencing another eSpace in my current application. From another eSpace I was showing all projects in my application.

Now I have applied one condition in my application.

If Project Visibility is set as Public, then only Projects from foreign eSpace must be listed in Table Records. If Project Visibility is set as Confidential in foreign eSpace that Project shouldn't be visible in my application.

Upto this point my functionality works fine and it is in Production.

Now I want to make some changes in my application. If I delete this highlighted condition, all projects from foreign eSpace gets displayed in my application. But if I apply this condition one more time, this condition doesn't work.

If I publish last working version, it works fine but if I delete condition and add condition one more time it doesn't work.

Please advice why this happens.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

  if you use a field as a flag to display content you need to evaluate the false condition previously. I usually use this example as template: 

ParameterLoad.ParameterList.Current.showConcluded = False or Asset.concluded = False

Another problem can be the outdated reference and you need to do a refresh through manage dependencies button

I hope this help you