is "email address rejected" a exception?

i have a timer to send out emails to users, there is a exception handler to tigger another email to IT if it failed, 
One day, the email sent to user failed becuase one of the user email address is rejected. but it did not tigger the exception handler.
Anyone know what to check?

Hi Linguo,

Can you share sample oml of timer?

the timer is quite simple like this:


No, those types of errors won't hit any exception handlers.

The part of the email sending to the smtp server is asynchronous (and even does retries when fails).


João Rosado,

Thanks for the reply, i see a few option to catch the error
1. check the platform error log
2. set the email from value to my email own id and hoping to recieve the reject email (failed), but if i send from my outlook, i will receive the bounced back email.

any suggestion to track whether the email is sent successfully?


If your use case is to know if there are any emails that failed you can reference the Email and Email_Status from the System reference and check there.
It's more reliable that way than to check the logs.

João Rosado

thank you very much.

Hello guys,

I'm having the same errors as Linguo showed in the first message of this post. But in my case, i'm using EmailSend action from eMailServices eSpace. The 550 error refers to a non existing email but i'm sure this email exists. Can it be something related to the DNS that is configured from the server side?

Best regards,

Rafael Valente