[Properties Management] Cannot see the properties
Forge component by Fernando Moitinho
Published on 17 Jun 2019


I installed it. I can see the espaces, but I don't see the siteproperties for some reason.

Personally I am not happy how it's organized. so I am wondering if there is any development going on on this component?

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Hi J.

Which Platform version are you using. There was some new changes on the SDK, this component is not yet updated to cope witht the changes.

I can try to make it compatible. Regarding the UI the goal was to mimic the lifetime and to be easy to look every environment and the site properties side by side.

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Hi Fernando,

I'm seeing the same issue - installed, but no properties are showing up.  We are on version:  Version 9.1.501.0

Anything we can do to help you make it compatible?  

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Fernando,

Thanks for this app!

Two things:

  • We use the java stack so I had to change the SetSitePropertiesAPIURL action it was pointing to a asmx page.
  • I don’t have write access to our production environment but with this app I can overwrite the site properties on production :(. Is the planning to have security in place as well?



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it is personal environment edition, just to check things.

I understand why you want to mimic it, though, so no worries there :)

I just want to see site-properties per application in 1 go!

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For everyone, the reason we didn't saw any siteproperties was because the API must be installed in all environments. After we did that we could see the siteproperties (and services and times).

We only got the problem that the application icons aren't  shown yet.

Niek, security isn't included in this version I also noticed. Gonne open a separte post for that one, it is possible with the lifetime security api's .

Kind regards,