Tips and Tricks for CSS code

Hello, I'm using 9.0 version (not too sure about that). I'm still a little new to this platform and I have played around with the platform a little while but I can't seem to figure some things out

1. A button tool that changes colour each time I click on it

2. How to change the background colour when I'm using the London smartphone module. (I have added Images and buttons as part of the main content inside containers and the background the container does not change.)

Lastly, a more personal request, I have attached a powerpoint document of how me and my friends intend for the app to turn out. I hope some of you could advice the newbie about what's the best way to design an app like this? Thank you!! 
Hi Hiroi,

1. I am not positive what you mean by this, can you give a little more information of what exactly you are trying to achieve so I can help you out with this.

2. I've attached an OML using the London smartphone theme. On the home page you can see that each piece of the page is colored differently. I've used the following CSS (As seen in CSS tab):
body {
div.Main {
.MainContent {
.Header {
.Footer {

In my example, I put the CSS on the HomePage style sheet, but to apply this across your entire app you would want to put the CSS on the espace's theme (In my OML, LondonTest theme).

You can play around/remove some of these styles to figure out exactly what you are trying to achieve. I believe you care more about changing the background color of the body and MainContent container.

Lastly, I didn't get to look at your power point but maybe I will get some time later, or some one will beat me to it.

Let me know about #1 and also if you need any more help in regards to #2.

Hi, I'm new too. I think I know what you're looking for.
Create a button
Look at the extended properties
create one called "style"
make it equal to a variable -  call it "bcolor"
create a text variable called bcolor
in an action have some sort of assign for this -- e.g.  If((i2 <= 0) or (i2 > j),"background-color: #e6e6e6",bcolor)
now you can change the colour of your button

Hope this helps you