Outsystems Now in Dev environment


I,m trying to connect my outsystems now application  dev environment of the company but is not working for IOS, I tested with android and it workd fine, but with IOS only work in my production environment not in dev or test, when the app load it said that it cannot find the resource. If I enable the option to log in and choose the application from the list of Outsystems now it works fine, the problem is going directly.

Any idea what could be happening?

Hello Jose.

Is it OutSystems Now or a Customization? Can you provide a screenshot of the error (without sensitive information)?


Hello, it using the IOS application that provide outsystems we change the logo, disable the login screen, etc, I change it in xcode and point it direclty to my production environment an it works fine, but if i change it to dev or test do not load the site, it display an error. But in android works fine.

I will be uploading images to show you the error.


I,M attaching an image of the error, like a said this happens only with ois in DEV and test, not production.

Android work fine.

Hi Jose,

Do you have https on your dev environment? The application URL is the same on both environments (e.g.: https://<your-dev-or-prod-environment>/ApplicationURL)?

Could you please share it us a screenshot of the *-Info.plist file where you set your environment and application?

Luís Silva 


Yes it use Https in the 3 environments.

I attach an image of the configuration file.

Hi Jose,

Could you please try the following configuration and see if it works:
- DefaultHostname : dev.myenvironment.com
- DefaultApplicationURL: MyApp

Luís Silva

Thanks Luis, 

I remove the "/" before and after the application name an it works in dev and test environment. Is there a specific behavior for IOs?, For Android works fine with the "/". 

In production should I use the "/" or with it?

Thanks a lot for the help.