Cannot read property 'BindAfterAjaxRequest' of null with Outsystems v9.1.401

After we upgraded the production platform server to Version 9.1.401.0 the "osAjaxBackend" javascript variable is always undefined. Now, we have broken jquery plugins that were all working perfectly on the previous platform server ( v9.1.0.10 ).

The error message in the chrome console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'BindAfterAjaxRequest' of null
Form.js?9_1_401_0:23 ll

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Hi Robbie,

I think there's a conflict between the jQuery of Outsystems (1.8) and your pre-defined jQuery for your plugins but then the issue might be on the Outsystems side if it was working on the previous platform version. I already encountered the error "Cannot read property 'BindAfterAjaxRequest' of null" when i use the AddJavascriptTag and AddLinkTag in screen preparation using Dublin theme but that's a different issue.